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Resurs’s Nordic consumer survey: Customers want to “touch and feel” – especially within home electronics e-commerce

Resurs’s Nordic consumer survey on what contributes to loyal customers shows that 54 per cent of Nordic consumers want more of a tactile “touch and feel” experience when buying products via e-commerce. This trend is strongest in the home electronics industry. This is one of several insights presented in the Resurs Retail Report: Strategies for a loyalty-creating customer journey, which will be published later this year.

When it comes to what contributes to a positive shopping experience, Resurs’s Nordic consumer survey shows that consumers have a desire to experience the product in an increasingly life-like way while shopping on an e-commerce platform. Home electronics is the industry with the strongest demand for a tactile, touch and feel, e-commerce experience, followed closely by the furniture and home decoration industry.

“We have noted that nearly six out of ten customers would like to know more about what it is like to touch and feel the products sold by e-commerce. Women in the 18–29 age group in particular want close contact with products, but the desire is clear in all customer segments. For retailers, this means providing customers with an experience similar to that of physical stores. Differentiating yourself this way contributes to a positive shopping experience and can lead to higher levels of returning customers,” says Anette Konar Riple, CMO, Resurs Bank.

To provide retailers with more insight into this subject, Resurs is presenting an article in Resurs Insights that provides readers with tips for providing a more loyalty-creating shopping experience.

  • Consider how consumers would like close product contact in your category. Is it the sound of your hand gliding over the fabric? Is it the touch sensation when you use the programme selector on the washing machine?
  • Find out exactly where the “I want it feeling” arises. Deep understanding of buying behaviour in the stage is a success factor when developing your e-commerce platform.
  • Take inspiration from how influencers and bloggers, for example in the cosmetics and fashion industries, create content that presents and inspires consumers to get a feel for the product and consider buying it.

Resurs has extensive experience of helping retailers achieve higher average purchases and more return customers through innovative solutions that simplify the customer journey. Resurs is a strategic partner in the transition that many retailers are experiencing today in terms of adapting their business to today’s omni-retail whereby customers move seamlessly between physical stores and e-commerce. To continue to offer the right solutions to retailers, Resurs wants to gain deeper insight into the current drivers of customer loyalty.

“We are curious about current trends and want to help develop the retail sector in line with changing consumption patterns. Accordingly, we are looking forward to sharing several interesting insights in the Resurs Retail Report: Strategies for a loyalty-creating customer journey, which will be published later this year. We believe that the report will stimulate interesting discussions into what retailers should consider in terms of their strategy for securing higher levels of returning customers,” says Anette Konar Riple.

More information is available from:
Anette Konar Riple, CMO, Resurs Bank,, +46 707 126 351
Anna Nauclèr, CCO, Resurs Bank, +46 709737255


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Facts about Resurs’s Nordic consumer survey:
Resurs’s survey was carried out in partnership with Kantar Sifo and is based on 4,410 interviews in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. The analysis resulted in insight into the drivers behind loyalty in such industries as home electronics, clothes/footwear and DIY/gardening. These are some of the industries in which Resurs already possesses extensive experience and now wants to gain even deeper understanding of the drivers behind customer loyalty.