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Mio chooses Resurs Bank to take its omni-retail to the next level

Following an extensive procurement process involving the largest payment-solution providers in the market, Mio has decided to continue with Resurs as its strategic partner to take its omni-retail to the next level. With Resurs, Mio will gain solutions that will help increase average purchases and loyalty-driven sales, with the customer’s shopping experience as the focal point.

After evaluating the largest players in payment solutions for both e-commerce and stores, Mio – a leader in the Swedish retail sector in furniture and home decoration – has decided to continue to pursue its partnership with Resurs.

“We are delighted that we have been entrusted to continue our partnership to develop the customer journey and shopping experience for Mio’s customers. We see that one of our strengths is our ability to combine our long retail experience with digital expertise,” says Kenneth Nilsson, CEO of Resurs Bank.

Resurs has long experience of developing loyalty-creating payment solutions for the retail sector and its customers in a large number of different industries. Resurs develops flexible solutions for successful omni-retail by combining know-how of industry-specific challenges and opportunities with current consumption patterns whereby customers want to move freely between e-commerce and stores.

“It is tremendously positive that we have decided to continue our partnership with Resurs. This partnership is a key strategic decision for making Mio an even more attractive purchase option and developing Mio into Sweden’s destination for furniture and home decoration. We have high ambitions to continuously improve our customer offering and so it is important to have a flexible partner who understands our challenges and can offer a competitive complete solution for all of our channels,” says Björn Lindblad, CEO of Mio.

A key to successful payment solutions is simplicity and transparency. Customers must be able to easily see the purchase limit available to them and the payment options that they can chose between.

“We work with ear-marked purchase limits for our partners, which provides greater security for their customers. It is important to us that our partners own their customers, regardless of how they pay and finance their purchases,” concludes Kenneth Nilsson, CEO of Resurs Bank.

For more information, contact:
Kenneth Nilsson, CEO, Resurs Bank, +46 736 61 20 60
Björn Lindblad, CEO, Mio, + 46 504 412 41

For more information about Resurs’s offer in omni-channel solutions, visit our website:


Resurs is a Nordic niche bank that offers leading payment and financing solutions to retailers and consumers. We make loans, savings and payments fast, simple and secure. With more than 40 years’ experience from retail, our expertise stretches across both the instore and the online shopping experience. Today, we have about 5.9 million customers and more than 700 employees in the Nordics. Together, we make good things happen and the hard feel easier.

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25 april 2019