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Resurs launches seamless payment services in new app

Resurs Bank is expanding its digital services offering with the Resurs Bank app. The new app provides features that make everyday life easier for customers, such as being able to pay invoices with just one click.

Resurs Bank has continued to focus on the development of services that make everyday life easier for customers. One of these initiatives has been to provide an app with features that enable customers to manage their affairs with Resurs easily and securely. In addition to creating added value for customers, the app will be a key component of Resurs’s offering to the retail sector.

“The app will further optimise our customer journey and enhance the customer experience when banking with Resurs Bank, or when shopping with one of our retail finance partners. A simple overview of your banking business and secure one-click payments are features that we look forward to offering our customers,” says Erik Frick, COO of Resurs Bank.

Resurs is driven by the development of business-related services and payment solutions for the retail industry that also match customer expectations of a positive and secure shopping experience.

“Today’s payment methods are about providing a secure, simple and seamless payment experience on the customer’s terms, regardless of where and when they choose to buy and pay for their purchase,” says Erik Frick.

More information is available from:
Erik Frick, COO, +46 736612123

About Resurs
Resurs was founded in 1977 and is one of the fastest-growing niche banks in the Nordic region. During the 1980s, we pioneered the successful “interest free” retail finance concept, and today we are one of the leading Nordic retail finance banks, with over 5.8 million private customers across the Nordic region. From our core business in retail finance, we have expanded our product offering to also include savings accounts, insurance policies, consumer loans and credit cards. Resurs Bank is owned by Parent Company Resurs Holding and is part of the Resurs Holding Group. In 2015, Resurs Bank acquired the subsidiary yA Bank.

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20 november 2018