Resurs Bank

Resurs is the bank that knows how it feels

With the new brand campaign "We know the feeling", Resurs focuses on people's everyday finances and the dreams, feelings and worries that for many are a part of this.

Resurs is the bank that understands people's everyday life and contributes to creating balance in people's everyday finances.

- Many financial actors fail to create relationships with their customers and forget to see people as individuals with feelings and dreams. Resurs wants to be different. We want to invest in and create more long-term relationships with people and be with them in their everyday life - when it's tough to get the everyday finances together but also when you have the opportunity to invest sustainably in, for example, solar cells, says Måns Renntun, Chief Communications & Marketing Officer at Resurs.

The campaign "We know the feeling" and the core message "Resurs - the bank that knows how it feels" is aimed at a broad target group in the Nordic countries Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway and is based on everyday situations that the vast majority of people recognize.

The core of the campaign is three films that are promoted via social media, radio and online media. Links to the films:

”The paper bag”
”The toy”
”The surprise”

- Our investment in understanding people's everyday life and contributing to balance in the everyday economy also means that our ambition is to create simple customer experiences with easy-to-navigate services, new offers in circular consumption, green loans and new smart digital services adapted to how people live today, says Måns Renntun.

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10 oktober 2022