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Resurs Bank joins HETCH – Helsingborg’s new tech hub for accelerated innovation and growth

Resurs Bank is one of the first companies to join HETCH (Helsingborg Tech), a new tech hub focusing on growing and developing tech companies. The collaboration with HETCH gives Resurs the opportunity to conduct its own development and innovation projects in a unique and dynamic environment, which could also lead to future partnerships and potential investment.

Resurs continues to establish strategic partnerships and engage in projects that are driving the development of innovative payment and financing solutions. By taking an active role in establishing HETCH, Resurs sees opportunities to further increase the pace of producing competitive offers that meet today’s consumer trends and market needs.

“We are glad that HETCH is opening in Helsingborg, which is also the location of our head office. The entire concept of HETCH’s activities is very appealing and we are particularly looking forward to running projects under the Studio part of the concept where will can challenge ourselves to advance even further in development and innovation. Both we and our partners operate in industries where tech developments are advancing at a rapid pace. This imposes many demands on our maintaining a high tempo in our innovation and development activities, and this is where we view HETCH as an exciting complement to our daily operations,” says Erik Frick, COO at Resurs Bank.

HETCH will focus on the development of tech companies, offering three concepts: Incubator – which supports companies in taking the step from idea to creating a growth company; Accelerator – where existing companies are helped to grow via a programme; and Studio – which gives established companies the opportunity to create their own incubator activities and conduct development and innovation projects.

“It is wonderful that Resurs, as a leader in the Helsingborg region, is one of the players now becoming a strategic partner of HETCH. We look forward to embarking on this journey together and creating a hub that can attract exciting companies both in this country and abroad,” says David Nilsson Sträng, tech veteran and founder of HETCH.

HETCH will create a unique tech environment comprising an ecosystem of investors, advisors and partners that will also attract talent and exchange expertise. Resurs also intends to be an active partner is this aspect of the operations.

“With our long experience of developing innovative payment and financing solutions, we believe that we can share our insight and experiences to inspire and help new companies to grow. We are also looking forward to exchanging expertise with other players that could result in exciting new partnerships and development projects for us, and maybe even future investment,” concludes Erik Frick.

For more information, contact: 

Erik Frick, COO, Resurs Bank, +46 736612123
David Nilsson Sträng, founder of HETCH, +46 704 23 26 56


 HETCH provides an ecosystem for accelerated innovation and growth. Together with established companies, rapidly-growing tech companies and start-ups we are shaping a creative environment right in the heart of Helsingborg. HETCH and our partners offer access to accelerators, the start-up community, flexible workplaces, links to research and development, business advisors and a strong supportive network. 

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11 juni 2019