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Resurs launches new push function for Resurs Checkout – meets new consumption trends, makes the customer journey easier and drives conversion

Resurs is launching a push function in Resurs Checkout and developing the next step in its omni-channel solution for the retail sector and its customers. The new function gives customers who start their purchases in-store a timed offer via text message or e-mail and they can conveniently then complete their purchase at home using Resurs Checkout. The new function increases opportunities for the retail sector to make sales even when trends such as showrooming are increasing.

A push function is now being added to Resurs Checkout that will meet the challenge faced by the retail sector as traditional physical stores are increasingly competing with showrooming and online shopping. Instead of the customer leaving the store and shopping online somewhere else, the retailer can use the push function to send a digital offer with the products reserved in Resurs Checkout with a set time limit. Once the customer has had time to think, a purchase can be made quickly, securely and easily. The new push function increases opportunities for the retail sector to make sales even if the customer is not ready to make a purchase while still in the store. The new Resurs Checkout function will be strategically important for retailers who are driven to create attractive shopping experiences for their customers. 

“Looking at today’s consumer trends, we see that the number of visits to stores is tending to decline at the same time as showrooming is becoming increasingly common. The customer looks at the product in the store but then decides to go home and buy it online – where competitors are never more than a click away. This presents a challenge to store retailers who risk losing sales. Our new push function increases retailers’ ability to convert customers who do not decided to make a purchase immediately in the store. It can also be used by companies that make sales via customer call centres and order departments. It is another way for retailers to increase their sales and at the same time provide their customers with a modern shopping experience by using Resurs Checkout,” says Anders Engstedt, Chief Commercial Development, Payment Solutions at Resurs Bank.

Resurs Checkout is a total solution for both e-commerce and physical stores that provides customers with a secure, simple and convenient shopping experience regardless of shopping channel. Retailers can use Resurs Checkout to offer their customers the most popular payment methods in the market: Swish, invoice, card, partial payment, and Masterpass, both in stores and online. Resurs Checkout is currently compatible with many e-commerce platforms and the push function is already integrated in, for example, Nutid’s checkout system. 


For more information, contact:
Anders Engstedt, Chief Commercial Development,, +46 736 612039