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Resurs to offer climate-smart investments for private customers in a new partnership with Hemma

More private individuals will soon have the opportunity of accessing Resurs Bank’s favourable consumer loans through a new partnership with the mortgage institution Hemma, a platform for the transition to sustainable homes. The partnership will make it easy and advantageous to invest in climate-smart homes and is an additional step in Resurs’s strategy of offering sustainable credit solutions.

The partnership makes that Hemma’s customers soon can access favourable consumer loans via Resurs for making households more energy efficient. There are currently 2.1 million single-family homes in Sweden, of which less than 1 per cent meet the requirements to be considered “green”. Access to advantageous home and consumer loans to drive the transition to sustainable energy solutions in existing homes is in demand. The partnership will provide clear financial incentives to make sustainable investments in the home.  

“Together with Hemma, we are proud to be able to offer our customers the opportunity of investing in climate-smart solutions at a favourable price, with the condition that the loan is used for sustainable energy investments in the home. We need to see more of this type of loan offering in the industry, and it is a clear step in the direction towards even more business-driven sustainability efforts,” says Felix Erlanson, Sales Manager, Nordic Consumer Loans, Resurs Bank.

“Together with Resurs Bank, we are happy to continue to develop our offering with competitive loans that help households transition towards more sustainable living. The partnership provides us with an additional step in meeting the rising demand for sustainable investments,” says Martin Ekenbäck, CMO, Hemma.

Together with Hemma, Resurs is continuing its commitment to offer customers good and attractive conditions to make sustainable investments for both the climate and for balanced private finances.

More information
Felix Erlanson, Sales Manager, Nordic Consumer Loans, tel: +46 736 44 33 03
Martin Ekenbäck, CMO, Hemma,, +46
 763 44 03 04

About Hemma
Hemma is a sustainability platform with the vision of making it easier and more profitable for households to invest in climate-smart living. By offering competitive loans with green discounts, we want to help households invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

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13 juli 2021