Resurs Bank

Launch of service to support customers with home energy improvements

Today, more and more consumers are concerned with the development of energy costs and its impact on their household’s financial wellbeing. To support customers and ensure they have balance in their lives and wallets, Resurs is now launching a new service, Resurskollen. A platform for collecting energy performance data and promote energy improvements for homeowners.

The development of high energy costs, inflation and increased interest rates is further driving the interest in more sustainable energy solutions that optimize and reduce energy consumption. Resurskollen provides the customer the opportunity to understand and analyze their energy consumption in their existing home, as well as see what type of improvements can be made to reduce their energy consumption.

- When we talk to our customers, we notice the frustration about the electricity prices but also about not knowing what to do about it, says Sandra Holmgren, Senior Partner & Sustainable Lending Manager at Resurs.

It is not unusual for a homeowner to plan for a change in their heating or energy use, but which measure is most effective for the household is often the most difficult question to get an answer to. Together with Hemma, a leading platform for aggregating & processing energy performance data of residential buildings in Sweden, Resurs will roll out the service during March 2023 in Sweden.

- Through Resurskollen, we want to provide households the opportunity to easily review their home's energy costs and receive guidance on what measures they can take to have a more sustainable home, says Sandra Holmgren.

In connection with the action proposals in Resurskollen, Resurs also offers financing solutions in the form of green loans and green mortgages.