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Resurs becomes the first partner of Alektrum Group’s Shoppa Lagom initiative

Resurs will become the first the business world’s first company to support, and become a partner of, Alektrum Group’s Shoppa Lagom (‘shop in moderation’) initiative that aims to spread awareness and raise issues that help more people in society keep their finances balanced. Resurs sees the partnership as a part of its ongoing efforts to highlight the importance of sustainable credit lending, both as a basis for secure and smart loans and as a focus area for its sustainability activities.

A wide range of players have emerged in the bank and credit industry in the past few years and the market currently consists of highly diverse business models that focus to different extents on long-term perspectives and sustainability aspects related to responsible credit lending. The option for private individuals to take out loans or use credits is essential for a well-functioning society, and as such, the industry’s players have a major responsibility to be receptive to developments in society as a whole. At the same time, more private individuals find themselves in, or are too close to, a situation in which it is not always possible to pay their debts as originally planned. For Resurs, sustainable credit lending is the basis of its business model and also a priority focus area in the Group’s sustainability work. Accordingly, supporting Alektrum Group’s Shoppa Lagom initiative was a natural choice.

“Based on our long experience of offering payment and financing solutions, we believe that profitable retail and sustainable private finances go hand in hand. For us, Shoppa Lagom does not mean that we should stop shopping, but rather that every individual should find their own ‘lagom’ (‘moderation’), and create enough balance in their private finances to feel secure when shopping. We also know that if retailers offer their customers the option of knowing their spending limits, the chance of a healthy shopping experience increases, and so do returning customers. By maintaining customer relationships over time, both we and our retail partners create the conditions to foster long-term sustainable business,” says Anna Nauclèr, CCO, Nordic Payment Solutions, Resurs Bank.

Since Alektrum Group launched the Shoppa Lagom initiative last year, the response from private individuals has been favourable, and it is clear that the business world is now more focused on the issue of the sustainability of private finances.

“We are delighted that Resurs is supporting our Shoppa Lagom initiative. We can see that our operations jointly represent an entire customer journey that provides us with the necessary prerequisites to have an impact and reach out with our message. The more partners that join the Shoppa Lagom initiative, the more opportunity we will have to help spread awareness about healthy private finances. We are therefore planning more initiatives under the framework of Shoppa Lagom. One of these is the Shoppa Lagom podcast launched at the beginning of September, in which we invite exciting guests to speak and generate exposure and awareness around the importance of sustainable private finances,” says Moa Tyborn, SVP Corporate Communication and Marketing, Alektrum Group.

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Anna Nauclèr, CCO, Nordic Payment Solutions, Resurs Bank,
Moa Tyborn, SVP Corporate Communication and Marketing, Alektum Group,

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16 september 2020